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“Jalene and Ed together are a dynamic duo. They are hardworking, reliable and never miss a detail. They are my emergency contact because I know they can handle any situation that is thrown their way. I trust them completely with my most precious possessions—my pets! What more could you ask for?”

– Trish Mordas, Wellesley

“I have been using Jalene and Ed for over three years. They are professional, experienced and extremely knowledgeable about dogs and their care. Their genuine love for dogs comes through in all they do. Our dog Charlie is treated like family, and we know he will be well cared for when we leave him with them.”

– Lisa Greenberg, Weston

“Luther LOVED going to Jalene’s. He got so excited when we pulled into your driveway that he more than once totally smashed into the car door trying to get out faster than the door would allow. He never seemed phased by that. The best though was coming to pick him up. He would put on a smile that said, WOW, you are here to have fun with us. He always wanted me to stay, go in the kitchen, hang out, anything but back home, no matter how exhausted he was.

As Luther’s Mom, I am not sure what we would have done without you. If you recall, we were having an impossible time finding care for a dog of Luther’s proportions.”

– Linda and Steven, Wayland

“Jalene and Ed took care of Sammy, our Goldendoodle, for most of the dog’s life. We left Sammy with them for long weekends, and also for a month at a time when we were traveling out of the country. We always felt confident that Sammy was safe, happy, and in the best of hands – and we know Sammy felt the same.”

– Bob and Norit Pindyck, Newton

“Jalene and Ed have taken amazing care of Murray for the past 4 years. Murray adores going to their place. I think he has as much fun there as we do on vacation! We always drop Murray off knowing that he will be well cared for and loved. He always has the best time there! Jalene and Ed are wonderful people who do a wonderful job taking care of the dogs in their care. I highly recommend Jalene and Ed.”

– Mason S, Wellesley

“Jalene and Ed have been taking care of my sweet Gromit since we brought him home at eight weeks. Their love and care for him is limitless and their knowledge about dogs and their needs is remarkable. He is so happy to stay with them and honestly I feel a little guilty bringing him home sometimes as I know it won’t be as much fun!”

– Paula & Mark Waxman, Del Mar

“Having Jalene take care of my dogs is like leaving the kids with a favorite Aunt; they get the right amount of discipline and are spoiled enough to leave them without regret. The dogs have a deep affection for Jalene – they ‘cry out’ with joy simply by saying her name aloud; they go with her without any prodding. I trust her implicitly.”

– Sharon L, Weston

“Jalene and Ed provided thoughtful, safe and loving care for our Aussie Riley for 10 years when we were away for up to two weeks. He adored them!”

– Barb & Bill B, Weston