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General Policies
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2020 Peak Holiday Dates:

  • January 1-5
  • February 14-23
  • April 17-26
  • May 22-26
  • June 28-30
  • July 1-8
  • September 3-8
  • October 8-13
  • November 20-30
  • December 21-31

2021 Peak Holiday Dates:

  • January 1-4
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Compatibility Evaluation

All dogs must pass our compatibility evaluation.

This evaluation will allow us to place your dog in the best suited playgroup for his/her personality. During this process we will be able to tell you if your dog is not suited for group daycare and offer you other options of support, training, or private play.

PLEASE NOTE: The evaluation is designed for your pet’s well-being. Not every dog is suited for daycare. We say this to keep with one goal in mind the happiness of each dog we meet.


Schedule a tour to see what your dog is missing. We’ll show you around our state of the art facility, indoor and outdoor play yards, lodging areas, share what’s coming next, and answer any questions you may have.

During weekdays all clients have the option for early drop off etc….

Pet Insurance2019-06-14T09:08:42+00:00

If you are looking for the best care for your furry family member you can get the best pet insurance:

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Q: Can I come tour the facility before I bring my dog?
Q: If my dog already goes to daycare can I bring him to your facility?
Q: How do I make reservations for daycare or lodging for my dog who has never been there before?
Q: Why is your lobby closed for two hours each day?
Q: Are you open on holidays?
Q: How do I know my dog will be safe at the Dog Retreat & Spa?
Q: What do I need to bring for my dog when they’re in daycare?
Q: What is the difference between Daycare and Day Stay?
Q: Will my dog adjust to doggy daycare/lodging? He’s never been away from home.
Q: What if my dog is not neutered or spade what are my options
Q: What happens if I want to cancel my reservation for lodging?
Q: Can I bring my own food?
Q: What if my dog acts aggressively toward another dog while at The Dog Retreat?
Q: Can someone other than me pick up my dog?
Q: My dog went to training but is still not trained. Can you help him/her?