You’ve seen your dog knock over something they shouldn’t have and scurry away. When you confront them about it they look at you with confusion or they try to play it cool. Sometimes, they won’t even look you in the eye! Moments like these are when you truly know your dog knows exactly what’s going on. We know animals such as dogs are capable of feeling—perhaps not as complexly as you or I, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. Philosophical questions aside, if dogs can feel, do they also make friends the same way we do?

So Can Dogs Actually Make Friends With Other Dogs?

A Psychology Today article by a Ph.D.–Stanley Coren tells a few stories about dogs doing incredible things. Many people could probably think of at least one story where a dog had made good friends with another dog or cat or some such animal, there is surely no shortage of these types of videos online. In the article, Stanley Coren tells a few heartwarming tales of dogs who have rescued kittens or dogs who have saved other dogs.

Stanley—like the rest of us, understands that scientifically, the research behind what makes dogs tick is lacking. Heck, the research behind what makes people tick is still all too uncertain. Still, anecdotally all pet owners really know the truth, don’t we? From when they were young we’ve seen our delightful pups jump in joy and enthusiasm. When they catch sight of us after being out at work or running errands, they bark and signal and have a playful romp whenever they get a chance to meet other dogs and exchange moments with them.

The Dog Retreat & Spa

Stories like that are in part what motivated us to create the Dog Retreat & Spa. We wanted to make a place where we ourselves would feel comfortable leaving our own furry friends at a place where they can meet new dogs to play with. Our services prominently include a daycare service for owners who wish to drop their pet off for a day while they tend to some matters or a longer boarding/lodging service where we will take care of your dog for however many nights you choose.

They will be able to spend all day playing with our other dog tenants and will be able to retire to their own private room after playtime is over! These rooms are temperature controlled, have music and raised beds. If your dog is wary of cages then we also offer cageless dog lodging if that suits you better!

If you’re someone who has to frequently work long hours for your career or you have to travel a lot, The Dog Retreat & Spa was specifically created for people like you! It’s tough to be away from our beloved pets for extended periods of time, even tougher is knowing they’re at home alone waiting for you for who knows how long. With our lodging and daycare services, you’ll never have to feel guilty about leaving your pet as you tend to your affairs. They’ll be here with us, having a blast with the other pets and passing the time.

For more information about our services, contact us here or give us a call at (781)-604-PETS!